How to Get Ready for NaJoWriMo October 1st

The kick off National Journal Writing Month starts  October 1st. The purpose of NaJoWriMo is to take on the challenge of writing in your journal for 30 days straight.

NaJoWriMo Preparation

To prepare for NaJoWriMo, do the following:

1. Select your method of journal writing: pen and notebook, online journaling, or digital journaling using a computer or mobile application.

2. Choose how you plan to complete NaJoWriMo challenge.

  • Write daily journal entires of at least one sentence or longer.
  • Journal write using a NaJoWriMo theme or a theme of your own choosing.
  • Take the 15,000 word challenge of writing 500 word entries per day.

You can certainly complete the NaJoWriMo any way you like, and here’s more information about meeting the challenge: NaJoWriMo Challenge Levels

4. If possible, schedule a time to write in your journal, such as in the morning before going to work or school, or before going to bed. If you schedule a time you’re more likely to get the writing done.

5. If you’re Twitter user, use the hashtag, #amjournalwriting to share about your daily journal writing. You can search that tag or bookmark this page to see tweets using the tag. Using this hashtag will help spread the word about how useful journal writing can be for various purposes.

6. If you’re a Facebook user, join the new NaJoWriMo Facebook group. [Tweet “I’m participating in National Journal Writing Month. Join me. #amjournalwriting”]


NaJoWriMo Participant

I’ve been journaling for a year, fairly consistently, and completed NaJoWriMo in July. I am learning so much about myself from journaling. Thanks for your support and encouragement and your ability to put together the prompts which lead to deeper understanding. Keep up the excellent work. Really appreciated by this fellow journaler.

Heather Rose


I've been journaling and art journaling for over 20 years. I find NaJoWriMo helpful when I'm stumped about what to write, how to dig deeper, how to face issues I may have avoided — helps me to grow. THANK YOU SO MUCH NAJOWRIMO — you've helped keep me journaling and attached to what I really love.

Lin Frye

@NaJoWriMo I am on day 10 and going strong towards self renewal! Lots of good thoughts in my journal this month so far. #amjournalwriting

Stephen Van Vugt

Writing, Journaling, Thinking

I have been journaling forever. All of my writing can be considered as journaling. NaJoWriMo provides a layer of structure and digital cataloging that I need and didn't have prior. I'm able to keep my projects on track and, at the same time in the same format, delve deeper into my personal thoughts and writings.

George Geder

NaJoWriMo is Not Just for Newbies

I’ve been journal writing 30+ years, for long-term collection of my thoughts at any time, progression of self over time, recording of travels/events. I normally don't use prompts, but April's [Personal Renewal] theme struck a chord with me and I've been enjoying the focused, narrow topic to journal to quite a lot.

Gary Varner - Writer, communication speciliast, sketcher

Commit yourself to writing something every day for thirty-day days. It will help you grow as a writer and give you material to work from in the future. Use your creativity to make something wonderful. Get busy, write!

Jo Ann J.A. Jordan

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Bakari Chavanu

is the creator of NaJoWriMo, and is the author of the interactive iBook, Starting From Day One: Using the Day One Journaling App to Record and Enrich Your Life

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