Interactive iBook: Learn all the features of Day One, along with 5 chapters of journal writing strategies, projects, daily prompts and tips.

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When you download my book, you can subscribe to 30 days of journal writing prompts delivered daily to your email box, for free!. See Chapter 7, page 67 for details.

In this book You Will Learn About...

  • All the Features

    All the features for the Mac and iOS versions of Day One, including tagging, markdown, settings, font styles and keyboard shortcuts.

  • Journal Projects and Prompts

    5 chapters of journaling project ideas, daily prompts, and recommendations for getting the most of Day One and digital journaling.

  • Developing a Journal Writing Habit

    My interactive book is geared developing a journal writing habit for personal growth and enrichment, recording your life as you life, and reaching your goals.

What Day One Founder and Others Have Said About This Book:

Bakari has done an amazing job introducing the values of daily journaling and using the Day One app. He's captured countless details and instructions on how to best embrace this digital tool to create an invaluable personal archive. I highly recommend Starting from Day One for anyone that wants to learn the whys and how's of digital journaling.

Paul Mayne
Paul Mayne CEO and Founder of Day One

Just to let you know that I’ve just finished reading through the book and would like to congratulate you on an amazing piece of work! I found the book and all of its chapters extremely comprehensive and consider it to represent a valuable resource. I see the book as a reference tool that doesn’t have to be read in strict chronological order but as a resource that can be revisited from time to time.

Yussuf Mwanza
Yussuf Mwanza Avid Day One journal writer.

Bakari continues to be a voice I respect for ideas, inspiration, and pragmatism in journal-keeping rituals. I’m thrilled he has shared a small section of his brain with us in these pages. His book makes a strong case for the practice of journal-keeping generally, while also treating us with additional tips and know-how for taking advantage of the benefits of digital journaling.

Nathan Ohren
Nathan Ohren Write4Life Coach,

About the Author

Bakari Chavanu is a professional writer, who generally writes about Apple related software and Internet-based services. He is a staff writer for the leading web technology blog magazine, 

He has written for other publications including Apple Magazine, O’Reilly Media’s Inside Aperture,,,, Rethinking Schools, and English Journal

He is the author of these PDF guides: Make Use of Guide to Digital PhotographyThe Awesome Automation Guide for Mac UsersThe MakeUseOf Guide to Online Meetings, and Learning Markdown

Bakari lives in Elk Grove, CA, with his wife, Candace, two children, Amara and Kobe, and his sister-in-law, Pam, who graciously proofread his book.

Buy Now For Only $5.99

Available in the iTunes Book Store