Unleashing Your Creativity



I've been journaling and art journaling for over 20 years. I keep both an art journal and a journal — trying my best to combine the two because I NEED that daily writing —to clear my mind, to list the events of my day, to work out issues, to vent, to learn what I need to do next, to express myself. I often go back and reread my journals, and marvel at the language as I attempt to find the right words today; marvel at what I've done over time, marvel as my artwork as it evolves. It helps me revisit issues I'm not through with, dreams I've forgotten, ideas I want to pursue — or pursue again! Journaling keeps me grounded, yet lets me dream, helps me grow, and yet also helps me appreciate where I am.

I find NaJoWriMo helpful when I'm stumped about what to write, how to dig deeper, how to face issues I may have avoided — helps me to grow. THANK YOU SO MUCH NAJOWRIMO — you've helped keep me journaling and attached to what I really love.

Lin Frye

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