Last week I posted a review of The Sex Dairies Project—a collection of frank and engaging diary entries by a cross section of people.

As follow to that review, here’s a list of journal writing prompts that you might find useful for exploring your sexual experiences, fantasies, and challenges in your own journal writing.

Remember, you can be as honest and open as you like in your journal. You’re writing for you, not other people. The goal of these questions is to learn more about yourself.

1. Write about your first sexual experiences. Interpret sexual experience any way like, even it’s about you first kiss.

2. Write about your last sexual experience. How was it different from your first sexual experience?

3. What were you taught about sex as you grew up? What did you not know that you needed to know?

4. How has your views of sex changed over time?

5. Describe a sexual fantasy you have.

6. Turn a sexual experience into a piece of short fiction. Describe the setting. Use dialogue. Write erotic descriptions.

7. Write a poem about a sexual experience.

8. Write about the best sex partner you have ever been with. Describe a special time together.

9. What changes if any would you like to make about your sexual self? What sexual changes would you like to see your partner make?

10. Write a sexual confession to your partner or someone you admire. Be straight forward or as kinky as you would like.

I hope you find these prompts useful. Your response to one or more of these entries can used a springboard for other types of writing –fictional story, a piece of memoir, an essay or blog post.

Sex can often be a taboo subject, but it’s important that we not be afraid to write and even talk about it. Let me know what you think of these questions and how it feels to write on this topic.

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