Mornings can be the best time for journal writing, because it helps get your day off to a positive start. So while you’re drinking your morning brew, pull out your journal and get some things off her your mind.

Here are ten prompts to choose from for morning writing.

1. What do you have planned for today? Make a simple list.


2. What do you look forward to today? How will or could today be different from yesterday?


3. Describe your surroundings this morning? How’s the weather? What sounds do you here? What mood are you in?


4. Describe how well did slept last night? Did you dream?


5. Who do you look forward to talking or spending time with today, and why?


6. If you could make today different, how would you like it to be? Describe.


7. If you could stay in bed until noon, what would do with the time? Describe.


8. Describe the best morning you’ve ever experienced.


9. Write a poem about how you’re feeling.


10. Simply write about what’s on your mind this morning.