The popular journal writing app, Day One, doesn’t allow for multiple journals,  which is a much requested feature by many users. However, there’s a way to have virtual journals in the app by using tags.

I can think of a few good reasons to use multiple journals for different purposes, especially if the application’s user interface makes it easy to switch between journals.

A few tagged Day One journals I’ve exported to PDFs.

A few tagged Day One journals I’ve exported to PDFs.

But by using tags in Day One, you can actually create virtual journals, and filter and export journal entries according to the tag(s) assigned to them.

Tags in Day One actually allow you to keep multiple journals in the application.

All the tags you create in Day One are automatically synced between your other devices using. And you can either input and select tags from the tag window, or you can add a hashtag (e.g., #family) before word, and Day One can convert that hashtag into a tag. When you input tags in the tag window, you need only type the first letter or two of an existing tag to make it appear. From there you can select the tag when it appears, or you can type the entire tag, and when it pops up, simply hit the Return key in order to apply the tag.

Tag entry in Day One

Tag entry in Day One

You can also add a hashtag as you type an entry, or at the end of an entry. However, be careful doing this if you happen to paste hashtags from other sources like Twitter. You might not want Day One to convert those hashtags to actually tags. Fortunately Day One does not automatically convert hashtags. In preferences, you can either select to have Day One present a prompt asking if you want detected hashtags to be converted and added to your tags list.

Day One - msng - Aug 17 2015 2.19.07 PM

Or you can click the button to “Convert All Hashtags to Native Tags”. Again, if you have several hashtags from other sources, you might not want to use this feature unless you know for sure you want to convert all hashtags.

Note: Day One does not allow for batch deletion or changes of tags. You must edit them one at a time.

Tagging is essential to using a digital journal or notebook, because it helps you filter entries a lot easier, among other reasons. Notice also that in Day One, tags can be sorted alphabetically or by the number of times used.

Suggested Tags 

Tags are usually based on the topics you write about the most. The following are some my recommendations for general tags you might want to use in your Day One journal. Note: I tend to write tags in the singular, but if I could redo them, I might use plural (e.g., book/books).

For family related journal entries, think about a tag for entries you might want to collect and share with your family members in the future, and entries you want to ever share. My “family” entries can easily be shared, while my “personal” tagged entries are about family issues that I don’t want ever shared with my family.

Using your journal to write about your work is a great way to process the challenges and successes you’re making on your job or with the work you do in your own business or projects.

List making a great method for keeping a journal. I like to keep list of books read, places I’ve visited, what makes me happy, popular news items, etc.

You’ve probably heard about the gratitude journal, which typically involves writing a line or two everyday about what you’re grateful for.

If you’re avid reader, you want to tag entries about the books you’re reading.

I like to copy and paste important or memorable emails that I would like to read back on years from now.

Entries about events you attend.

If you participate NaJoWriMo, you will want to keep a tag for those entries. Last NaJoWriMo I started using a more specific NaJoWriMo tag, “July NaJoWriMo ’15”. That way I can filter and export those tagged entries for individual NaJoWriMo months.

Your travel journal entires. You might also include specific tags of the places you visit.

I like to actually write entries about the journaling and my journaling process. I will write a blog post about this explaining it more detail.

Your Suggested Tags?

There are about dozen more tags I use a regular basis (e.g., jazz, tweet, ibook project, meals, online comment, marriage), but I would like to know your suggestions for useful tags. What topics do you and others should write about? Please share them in the comment section below.

If you’re new to Day One and would you like more suggestions about using the application, check out my multimedia iBook, Starting From Day One: Using the Day One Journaling App to Record and Enrich Your Life. You can download for free the first few chapters of the book.