We don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to write about one of the most important people in our life. But since Mother’s Day is a time for honoring our mom, writing about her is a very thoughtful and meaningful way to record your memories of her and recognize even more how important she has been in your life.

Below I share 20 journaling prompts to help you get started writing about your mom. Every prompt may not apply to you, but hopefully they will provide some inspiration for making your mom an important person to regularly write about in your journal.

Though my mom passed away six years ago, I plan to write several journal entries in her memory of her. My journal entries will be a part of a family journal that I plan to leave for my children.

A Few Suggestions for Writing

  1. If you keep a paper notebook journal and you want to collect all your journal entries about your mom (and other members of your family), you might consider purchasing a special notebook just for the purpose of writing about your family members.
  2. If you use a digital journal, you should consider tagging the entries about year mom so that you can filter and publish them later in life.
  3. You might consider writing a journaling project in which you collect all your entries with photos and give the journal to your mother as a gift.
  4. If you plan on writing several entries about your mom (and other family members), you might consider scheduling a weekly or monthly reminder to do such writing in your journal. You can print out the questions below, or copy them in your digital journal for later reference.

Writing Prompts About Your Mother

  1. Write about your earliest memories of your mother.
  2. Write about your most cherished experience with your mother?
  3. Make a gratitude list of what you are most thankful for that your mother has done for you.
  4. Write a list of the many pieces of advice your mother has given you.
  5. Write about how you’re similar and different from your mother.
  6. Write about how you could do more with and for your mother.
  7. Write about what you have learned from your mother that you didn’t realize was important at the time she was trying to teach you a lesson.

  8. Locate a memorable photograph of your mother and write about it?
  9. Write about what you have learned from your mother about parenting.
  10. Write about your mother’s views about life. What does/did she cherish? What bothers/bothered her? What are/were her dreams? What gives/gave her strength.
  11. Write about what you think is missing in your mother’s life
  12. Write a list of the things your mother does for you, or did for you while growing up.
  13. Write about what you plan to do for your mother on Mother’s Day.

  14. If you could give your mother anything, what would it be and why?
  15. Write about the funniest experience with your mother.
  16. Write about the saddest experience with your mother.
  17. Make a list of your mother’s favorite foods, musical artist or songs, her favorite hangouts and activities.
  18. Create a bucket list of the things you could do with your mother over the next five years.
  19. Write a letter of apology to your mother. Review your letter a few days after you write it, and then decide when to send it to her.
  20. If your mother has passed away, simply write a letter to her. Tell her what’s on your mind and what do you miss about her.

Your Prompts?

If this list of prompts has inspired you, please share some of your related prompts in the comment section below.

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