The theme for this month’s NaJoWriMo is Travel: Places and Experiences. To complement this month’s theme, the following is a list of topics for keeping a travel journal.

As you travel, you may not always have time to write, so use your smartphone camera and paper or digital notebook to record notes and capture experiences to refresh your memory when you journal write.

  1. How are you planning for the trip?
  2. What are you expectations for the trip? I
  3. What do you need to prepare for the trip?
  4. What mode of travel are you taking to reach your destination?
  5. How much is costing you to take the trip?
  6. What you like and dislike about the mode of travel?
  7. How you feel when you arrive to your destination?
  8. The first thing you notice when arriving at your destination?
  9. Describe the place you’re staying during your trip.
  10. Record the name of streets, stores, and tourist spots.
  11. Write about something enjoyable or interesting each for each day of the trip.
  12. Describe a person or event you encounter.
  13. Record historic spots you visit.
  14. What’s most different from your hometown about the place you’re visiting?
  15. Record the meals you eat during the trip.
  16. What’s the big local news where you’re visiting? Check the newspapers or television.
  17. Describe the transportation you used during your trip.
  18. Describe interesting conversations.
  19. Describe the weather?
  20. Describe how you slept on a particular night?
  21. Record the souvenirs you purchase?
  22. What place(s) are you revisiting during the trip and why?
  23. What did you read and/or what music did you listen to during the tip?
  24. What change of plans, if any, did you make during your travel?
  25. What’s the night life like?
  26. Who was the nicest person you met?
  27. What time did you usually wake up during the trip?
  28. What did you not get to do during the trip?
  29. What did you forget to bring along for the trip?
  30. When you travel again, what will you do differently?

Let me know what you think of this list and what topics could be added to it.

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