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When you combine the practice of yoga with the practice of journal writing, you’ll find you can deepen your understanding of who you are and discover words hidden in your heart that you didn’t know were there.

Here are five journal writing prompts that invite you to delve a little deeper into your journal practice

  1. Many of us try too hard to use words to squeeze meaning out of life. But the harder we try, the less meaning we find. Yoga—especially a pose like Savasana—can help us relax and become more mindful of when we are trying too hard.

    Journal practice: How do you know when you are trying too hard? What signals does your body send you? Do you pay attention or ignore them? Write: 10 min.

  2. Have you lost your ability to play with words? Poses like Happy Baby and Handstand can infuse your journal writing with a new sense of playfulness and reorient you physically and emotionally so you can view the world with a new perspective that energizes your writing.

    Journal practice: Open your journal to a blank page and write down the first word that comes to mind. Quickly list five more words that rhyme with it. Using those six words, write about playing with your best friend when you were a child. Write: 10 min.

  3. Every writer has to face times when words won’t come.  Yoga poses like Tree Pose can help you see past the blank page to a larger picture so you can understand your link to the natural world and reconnect with its positive forces of creative energy.

    Journal practice: Imagine words budding like leaves on a tree. Pick ten words to describe someone you love that you’d like to sit with under a tree. Now write about that someone who you love now or once loved. Write: 10 min.

  4. The time you spend on your mat thinking and meditating in poses like Plank and Warrior 1 can help attune your inner listening skills so that you are able to hear your own voice rather than an imposter’s voice pretending to be yours.

    Journal practice: Describe the sound of your voice. How does it sound different from other voices that you hear in your head? Write: 10 min.

  5. Yoga poses like Mountain Pose or Reclining Bound Angle Pose remind us to take a deep breath and listen to the voice within so that when we come back to the page, we can hear something that we weren’t able to hear before we stepped on our mat.

    Journal practice: Listen to the sound of your breath. Listen to the world around you. Describe what you hear and feel in this moment. Write: 10 min.

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Bruce Black is the author of Writing Yoga: A Guide to Keeping a Practice Journal (Rodmell Press). You can find more of his work online at Writing Yoga With Bruce Black, his blog on yoga and keeping a journal. He lives in Sarasota, Fl.