Writing and maintaining lists is useful and powerful strategy for journal writing. Lists can be completed in one setting, or you can develop them throughout the year, or even your lifetime. The process of list making, like most journal writing becomes a learning process for identifying your values, interests, and experiences without the need for long paragraphs. The contents of lists can also be springboards for other journal entries. Be sure you tag or bookmark your lists so that you can develop them throughout the year.

1.  Keep a list of the books you read throughout the year.

2. List all the things you’ve done this week or this month.

3. Keep a list of the movies you watch this year.

4. Create a bucket list of your immediate and long-range goals.

5. Develop a list of your personal achievements.

6. List all the cities you’ve slept in at least one night.

7. Lists all the friends you’ve made in all the years of your life.

8. List the things that make you happy.

9. Make a list of issues and problems that personally concern you.

10. Make a list of things you’ve done for other people in the last year.

11. Keep a list of new recipes you cook this year.

12. Keep a list of bad habits you want to avoid.

13. Keep a list of your favorite songs and/or albums.

14. Make a list of your sexual fantasies.

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15. Keep an hourly log of what you do throughout the day. Use an alarm to remind you to log your activities.

16. Keep a list of what newsworthy items you think will be important to remember years from now.

17. Make a list of your favorite foods.

18. Make a list of your daily routines.

19. Revise your daily routine list for what it should be, so you can be more productive.

20. Keep a list of your child’s achievements or important moments.

21. Write a list of adjectives, from A-Z, that describe you.

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22. List all the turning points in your life so far.

23. List all the movie or fictional characters you want to remember.

24. List all the people, alive and dead, who have influenced your life.

25. Make a list of the first sentence of each of the top ten books you like.

26. Make a list of the places you would like to travel to.

27. Make a list of the apps you use the most this year.

28. List all the problems in the world that you would like to solved.

29. List all the goals you have for this year.

30. List all the jobs you’ve had so far.

31. Keep a list of your favorite tweets.

32. Make a list of all the things you’re good at.

33. List the people famous or otherwise you would like to have dinner with.

34. Keep a list of your important moments this year.

35. Make a list of your disappoints in life.

36. Make a list of your personal secrets.

37. Make a list of risks you’ve taken throughout your life so far.

38. Make a list of your 25 favorite books.

39. Make a list of your favorite movies.

40. List all the significant world events that have taken place in your lifetime.

41. Make a list of the current leaders of in the world you admire.

42. Make a list of historical figures you admire.

43. Make list of your happiest moments in life.

44. Make a list of important lessons you’ve learned from your parents.

45. Make a list of all your immediate and extended family members.

46. Make a list of all the groups and organizations you have been a member of.

47. Make a list of the television shows you regularly watch.

48. Make a list of your favorite documentaries.

49. Make a list of all the things you need to get done this week.

50. Make a list of the things and experiences you’re grateful for.

Please share a few favorite lists you like to keep.

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