Even though I’ve been an avid journal writer for over 25 years, I still turn to other journal writing coaches and bloggers for inspiration and guidance for journal writing.

The following is my Twitter list of journal writing coaches and bloggers.  I copied and pasted their biographies so you can get an idea of what they focus on. Also check out their books and other resources.

Dolly Garland: Writer, Language Lover, Founder of Kaizen Journaling & Kaizen Reading; An Eternal Optimist – Author of Journaling to Self-Awareness in 30 Days, Future Novelist

Danielle Hanna: Hearth & Homicide Fiction. Faith, family, fireside … guns, blood, handcuffs. Crime Fiction. She’s the author of Journaling to Become a Writer

Jackee Holder: Writer, coach and cultural thinker. Delivers coaching, coach training, creative writing and personal development programmes. Loves writing, trees & nature. She’s the author of 49 Ways to Write Yourself Well.

Heather Severson: Mercenary Writer, Gypsy Scholar, Technology Diplomat, Good Citizen. Curating Tweetably delicious content: writing & life. Be well, and use your powers for good!

Mari L. McCarthy: Journaling for the Health of It. The Journaling Therapy Guide. Author. Songstress. Steelers 4 Ever. Raises Roses and Consciousness. !

Lynda Monk: CREATIVE WELLNESS: Write for Self-Care, Well-Being & Success. Author of Writing Alone Together. THRIVE Training & Coaching: Resiliency & Open Hearted Leadership

Nathan Ohren: Helping people write powerfully for themselves, for a life of Passion, Clarity & Purpose! Award-nominated podcaster. Wordsmith. Wine-lover. Nathan also hosts a popular weekly podcast, Write4Life.

Please also recommend other journal writing coaches and bloggers you follow.