April 1st, will the start  of the 2nd National Journal Writing Month, for 2019. If you’re wanting to develop the habit of journal writing for personal, or if you want to build on your existing habit, April, the time of Personal Renewal (the theme for April NaJoWriMo) is a good month to take on the challenge of 30 days of journal writing. This is the month that you really focus on building and/or strengthening your journal writing.

Prepare for NaJoWriMo

1. Select your method of journal writing: pen and notebook, digital journaling, an online application, or using Evernote, or your favorite text editor, such as Word or Google Docs—which ever works best for you.

2. You can certainly complete the NaJoWriMo any way you like, but you might want to take a one of three journal writing challenges for the month. For April, the focus of the journal writing prompts will be personal renewal. You are not limited to these prompts.

3. Locate a place to share a few of your journal writing entries with others participating in NaJoWriMo. If you post entries on a blog, please share them in the comment section of NaJoWriMo posts.

Journal Writing Course

If so choose, you can participate in NaJoWriMo by taking a thematic journal writing course based on the theme: Personal Renewal Through Journal Writing.

More Information

NaJoWriMo Levels

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