NaJoWriMo: Bloggers and Artists

The following are journal keepers, bloggers, and artists who have participated in NaJoWriMo. Some have announced their participation in NaJoWriMo and others have even posted their journal entries during a NaJoWriMo month or in response to NaJoWriMo writing prompts.

Please check out their pages and share your comments on them.

If you’re a participant in NaJoWriMo and you blog about it, please contact me about linking your page here.

National Journal Writing Month, by Tasha

I only really found out about this last-minute but I thought would be a good exercise to get back into writing daily, especially as I want to write more and actually finish a story at some point. I’m slowly shifting to making more time for developing good creative habits, my #365project for stitching every day got off to a good start even if it did bomb due to poor planning but I think 30 days is a nice small goal to kick-start me off again. Read More

Confessions of a Reborn Girl, by Jasminder B

For this journal entry, I’m supposed to take one thing off the list I wrote on Day One, so I choose to worry less about pride. Ever since I got into university, I’ve been dealing with an inferiority complex like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve been meditating the past few days and thinking, and I think it’s stemming from impostor syndrome. I don’t feel student-like enough, I don’t feel adulty enough, I don’t feel womanly enough, I don’t feel Indian enough, blah blah blah. Read More…

Happy NaJoWriMo: Some thoughts on Journaling

I just discovered that it is ‘NaJoWriMo,’ as in National
Journal Writing Month, I had no idea! But now that I know, I want to write down some thoughts about journaling and the impact it’s had in my life. I remember taking every writing assignment very seriously growing up. It stretched my mind like pizza
dough to consider the prompts and put together my thoughts for them. Read More…

From Blog Filled With Thoughts

Journaling is one of my favourite things to do. It is a way to document my life in a lot of different, creative and fun ways. It helps me to deal with things that are bothering me or to relax and calm down, for example after a long day of studying. Now, here are five different ways YOU can dive into the journaling world too. Read More…

Journal Entries from As the Fates Would Have It, by Lori Carlson.

Currently I have two large binders, but they are filled with work from my college days. I need to finish organizing them before I can even think about adding anything new. I want to make two separate collections. One for me and one for a friend to have. Some of the college work will have to be retyped as I only have the original copies from the mid-late 90s. Read More…

From Impromptu Promptlings

Like an idiot who is a glutton for punishment, I have decided to take up another challenge! This time it’s Bakari Chavanu’s NaJoWriMo. Similar to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and Camp NaNoWriMo, National Journal Writing Month happens four times a year. Read More…


Faerie Creations, by Faye

I like collecting things; interesting things, things that inspire me, gifts that others give to me, knick-knacks and stationery. The last one doesn’t count, honest. Can never have too much stationery! But the rest often falls into the “clutter” category. With anything, if unchecked a bit of clutter can become a mountain and one day you take a look around you and think; “Where the hell did all of this come from?!” Read More…

From HERO—the Coach

So. On a whim (why do I do these things on a whim so often?) I signed up for National Journal Writing Month or #NaJoWriMo as the hashtag reads. I do journal as well as blog, but I honestly thought more of blogging these entries than anything else. And I might not respond to them all, but this prompt sounds a bit fun actually… Read More…

Writer Louise Usher

Journaling. Publicised like crazy and definitely a pastime that has won my heart. ‘They’ say journalling is therapeutic. Spaghetti braining it’s way out of ones head and onto paper. Read more…




National Journal Writing Month