As we head into the second day of NaJoWriMo, it’s so great to see participants like Ezra starting journal writing for the first time. That’s one of the main purposes of NaJoWriMo, to inspire people to start journal writing or to rekindle their passion for journaling.

One of the ways I have been letting others know about NaJoWriMo is by browsing what Twitter users are saying about journal writing. I discovered that there are many  people who are starting journal writing for the first time, buying a new notebook or journaling app to maintain their journal keeping, and sharing how journal writing helps them solve problems and meet challenges. And many Twitter posters comment about how they are returning to journaling because they know the power of reflective writing for personal growth.

What I hope will be useful about NaJoWriMo is that, among other reasons, participants will see it as a project that has a good beginning and an end, and that it is personally enriching.

I truly hope that everyone is able to meet the 31-day NaJoWriMo challenge of journal writing, and to keep up the habit throughout the rest of the year. For those you starting journal writing for the first time, here are some suggested tips for completing NaJoWriMo. And also be sure to bookmark this page for the daily journal writing prompts.

Plus, remember that we will be holding NaJoWriMo three more times this year: April, August,  July, and October.

Here are a few tweets that represent what others are saying about journal writing.

National Journal Writing Month