The April NaJoWriMo will begin in less than a week, and if you’re thinking about getting into journal writing, is a great tool for keeping an online journal.

What’s awesome about is that it’s a secure online journal writing application that’s super clean and discretion-free. You can begin using it as soon as your registered account is confirmed from the site.

Currently the website displays an invite button to register. I’m pretty sure that you will receive an invitation with 24 hours.

The next useful feature about using is that you can set up your account to email you scheduled reminders for keeping your memories, which allows for writing your entry in an email and sending it directly to your account.


Use With NaJoWriMo

With Memri’s scheduled email reminders, you can simply copy and paste the daily NaJoWriMo prompts you receive each day in the newsletter as a reply to the email.


With my daily prompts and the scheduled reminder emails, you will be able to complete the NaJoWriMo challenge for the month of April.

Best of all, is complete free!

Other Options

Penzu and Rekordr (reviewed here) are two other online journal writing applications that are useful for getting started with journal writing. They both offer similar and more advance features, include paid premium features.

If you’re not signed to start receiving NaJoWriMo daily prompts, be sure to do so today. Happy journaling.



National Journal Writing Month