NaJoWriMo Ebook Download

Getting the Most Out of Journal Writing is a 127-page ebook featuring 42 articles from this National Journal Writing Month blog site. The ebook is yours to browse, and I hope it provides you insights and ideas about journal writing. After you’ve had time to look it over, I’d love to get your thoughts about it.

Articles include:

101 Purposes for Journal Keeping

Paper or Digital: What Type of Journal Should You Keep?

8 Business Benefits to Journal Writing

My Seven Principals for Journal Writing

Writing and Maintaining Your Stepping-Stones Journal 

Theme Based Journal Writing

Journaling to Become a Better Writer 

Journaling Projects for Personal Growth and Enrichment 

What to Write About When You Have Nothing Write About

5 Journal Writing Prompts for Hidden Secrets of Yoga

10 Morning Writing Prompts to Start Your Day

Keep a Journal for 30 Days and Then Burn It

10 Good Reasons to Participate in NaJoWriMo

Participating in NaJoWriMo

Tips for Completing NaJoWriMo

Whether you’re a new or experienced journal keeper, Getting the Most Out Journal Writing will provide you some ideas for building and maintaining a journal writing habit for lifetime to come. It will help you get ready to participate in and successfully complete a National Journal Writing Month challenge.

Sample page from E-book

I hope you find this guide useful. I would love to get your feedback.


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