The kick off  for National Journal Writing Month is July 1st. The purpose of NaJoWriMo is to take on the challenge of writing in your journal for 30 days straight.

NaJoWriMo Preparation

To prepare for NaJoWriMo, do the following:
1. Select your method of journal writing: pen and notebook, online journaling, or digital journaling using a computer or mobile application.

2. Choose how you plan to complete NaJoWriMo challenge. Suggestions:

3. If possible, schedule a time to write in your journal, such as in the morning before going to work or school, or before going to bed. If you schedule a time you’re more likely to get the writing done.

4. If you’re Twitter user, use the hashtag, #amjournalwriting to share about your daily journal writing. You can search that tag or bookmark this page to see tweets using the tag. Using this hashtag will help spread the word about how useful journal writing can be for various purposes.

5. If you’re a Facebook user, join the new NaJoWriMo Facebook group. [Tweet “I’m participating in National Journal Writing Month. Join me. #amjournalwriting”]