How to Use the Safari Share Extension to Respond to NaJoWriMo Prompts

If you are a Day One user, the Mac and iOS Share extensions are a great way to respond to NaJoWriMo journal writing prompts and other content without opening the Day One app.

One of the challenges of keeping up with journal writing is that we have to often squeeze the time from somewhere else in order to make wrong for  journal writing. While some of my best journal writing is doing while sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee, there are many days when I can only write a few paragraphs using Day One’s Quick Entry feature in the menu bar.

But since the last NaJoWriMo in July, another quick entry feature has been added to Day One that allows for writing a journaling entry via the share extension in Safari.

Share Extension

The Share Extension is found in the Safari toolbar. All you need to do is select some text on a page (for the purposes of NaJoWriMo, that would be a posted journaling prompt), click the Day One extension  in the drop-down menu, and then your selected text will be copied into a new Day One entry.  From there you can type your response to the selected text.

Day One share extension

If you do not select text on the webpage, the title and URL for the page will be pasted in the entry. You can delete all or any part of the text that gets pasted in a Day One entry.

Day One share extension

This feature is very convenient  for when you don’t have time to open the Day One application and do some writing.

Note: For some reason, Day One automatically appends your location to the entry when using the share extension, and unfortunately it can’t be removed while using the extension window. It can however be removed in the Day One application.

Note to NaJoWriMo Subscribers

Starting with this NaJoWriMo month, prompts can only be accessed in the email newsletter sent to subscribers. But unfortunately there’s no Day One share extension in Apple’s Mail. However, I will set up the email newsletters so that prompts can be opened in a web browser, and from there you can use the Day One share extension feature. In a future update of Day One, the developers will be adding the ability to write and share Day One entries via an email.

Tagging Entries

If you use tags in your journal entries (and you should be) you will need to manually type them when typing in the extension window. So for example, I’m using the tag, “#NaJoWriMoOct15” which I insert at the end of each entry.  In the preferences of Day One, you can click a button to convert all words with a hashtag in front of them.

Note: I use TextExpander, which types my hashtag for me when I type the assigned abbreviation for the keyword. Thus when I type, “hnj,” TextExpander pastes the keyword, “#NaJoWriMoOct15”.

Day One Hashtags

Notice too that you can select to have Day One prompt you to add (convert) a hash tagged word into a tag.

Day One_hashtag_option

I tag my NaJoWriMo entries by month and year so that I can filter the entries and export them as a PDF at the end of the month.

iOS Share Extension 

There is a similar share extension for iOS devices, but unfortunately the extension will not copy and paste selected text. You have to do that manually. It will instead paste the title and URL of the webpage when you open the Day One extension.


Learn More

The Day One Quick Entry feature in the menu bar (Mac) is another way to quickly respond to NaJoWriMo prompts. And you can also open a new entry via the “Today Extension” in an iOS device. You will need to manually enable that extension as you do with any iOS Today extension.

If you’re interested learning more about using Day One, please check my multimedia book, Starting From Day One: Using the Day One Journaling App to Record and Enrich Your Life.


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Bakari Chavanu

is the creator of NaJoWriMo, and is the author of the interactive iBook, Starting From Day One: Using the Day One Journaling App to Record and Enrich Your Life