Three Ways to Participate in National Journal Writing Challenge

NaJoWriMo is held four months a year (January, April, July, and October). Choose how you want to meet a month-long challenge.

How to Participate in the NaJoWriMo Journal Writing Challenge

Beginner Level

The Beginner Level journal writing challenge involves writing in your diary or journal entry a least once a day for 30 days. The journal entry can be as simple as a one-sentence summary of your day. The goal is to start building a journal writing habit.

You might write your plans for the day or what you accomplished. Starting a gratitude journal is another way to get started.

With this level, you’re trying to get in the habit of writing daily. As you develop a writing habit, you will discover your need for journaling. Good luck with the challenge. 

Thematic Level

The NaJoWriMo journal writing challenge features a theme for each NaJoWriMo month of the year. The themes are:


15,000 Words Challenge

For this journal writing challenge level, you not only write daily for the entire month, but you push to write 15,000 words in one month (500 words per day.)

The daily word challenge is for building writing fluency and deepening your reflective writing. Of course, you can increase or lower the number if you like.

Using a digital journaling application or writing notebook that includes a word counter will help monitor the number of words written. Use a writing tool that consists of a word count feature, such as, Google Docs, or a dedicated digital journal such as Day One.

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