National Journal Writing Month starts up again on April 1st. The theme for the month-long challenge is Personal Renewal Through Journal Writing.

The theme invites you to ponder these and other questions…

  • What challenges are we not facing?
  • What’s something new we could try?
  • Is it time to bury old habits?
  • In your life, what have you lost?
  • What fresh paths do we want to start on?
  • What do we need to change or improve upon?

Why Take the Challenge?

If you’re a new or experienced journal writer, NaJoWriMo offers a great opportunity to use writing for self-reflection and self-renewal.

Also, taking part in NaJoWriMo April may be the challenge that could encourage you to write regularly.

How to Participate

Choose a tool for journal writing:

2. You can certainly complete the NaJoWriMo any way you like, but you might want to take one of three journal writing challenges.

For April, the focus of the journal writing prompts is Personal Renewal.

3. Let a friend or social media followers know that you’re taking the NaJoWriMo April challenge. Join the NaJoWriMo Facebook group, where you can get motivated to complete the challenge.

Journal Writing Course

You can also purchase the NaJoWriMo April Email course, which provides an original daily prompt for NaJoWriMo April.

Note: If you order the course, be sure to do so on Thursday, March 31st. Your emails will start on April 1st. If you order the course before March 31st, it will begin the day after your order.

Purchase NaJoWriMo April Book

If you want a paper journal for NaJoWriMo April, you can order the Personal Renewal Through Journal Writing book.

The book includes two lined pages for each of the 30 prompts. You will need to order the book by March 25th in time for the April challenge.

The Happiness Journal

Lifetime Press has several other journaling books, including the new Happiness Journal that you can use for NaJoWriMo April.