As part of NaJoWriMo January, I ask participants to respond to a survey about their participation in the month-long challenges.

If you have never participated in NaJoWriMo, these responses should give you good idea of how journal writers participate in the challenge and what they get out of it.

If you have not signed, be sure to do this today, so you can start getting daily email prompts for the month of April

Participant Feedback

  • I loved the focus on this NaJoWriMo. It really caused me to look deeper into myself and question some things I thought were “gospel”. Thanks for the amazing experience.
  • Enjoyed writing each day. Will probably participate again in the future.
  • I think it was nice knowing there were other people journaling. I had some trouble with some of the topics and I just used that to further my writing. I think January is a great time for something like this and will join again.
  • I really enjoyed the ‘idea jog’ created by the daily prompts… encouraged me to develop my own topics many days while providing inspiration when ideas were not as forthcoming. Thanks so much!


  • I enjoyed receiving the daily prompt, even if I was not able to find the time to write on that day. Some days I had time and was able to write a lot and picked prompts I missed to write about. I will enjoy receiving more prompts in the future. Thank you.
  • This was my first time doing this challenge, and I loved it. Thank you so much.
  • It was a great experience. It made me go deeper than the usual writings I did before. I’ll definitely keep on writing in the morning.
  • Thank you SO much creating these prompts. It is a wonderful way to begin the year. It really forces me to reflect on what I have done and review what I want to get done. I am grateful to you. See you in April. Peace and blessings Melanese.
  • Loved getting the prompts everyday. Even if I didn’t write using them, it gave me something to think about or add to my daily writing.
  • Very fun process! I’ve done NaNoWriMo several times but never this. I always enjoy new opportunities and reasons to write more.

Some Lines a Day_769x492_0

  • Thank you! I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the past 3 NaJoWriMos!!!
  • I really enjoy and appreciate your hard work. Please do keep it up.
  • I love your approach to journaling, and the challenges really help me to explore parts of myself and ideas about the world that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought to look into on my own. I will be continuing to participate in the NaJoWriMo challenges!
  • I’d definitely do this again.
  • The prompts were a nice way for me to dig deeper into my life otherwise I write down basically the same things every day.
  • Loved it. It kept me on track. Thanks Bakari!

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  • Though I did not use the prompts, I have kept every one for future topics. I don’t have a routine down yet, but I enjoy receiving the emails which serve as reminders both to journal and of being part of a community of journalers.
  • I started out using Day One but found that I could slow down more and write much more deeply if I did it by hand.
  • Can’t wait for the next month!!
  • I like your site very much. It has helped stimulate me to start writing regularly again. I plan to use journal prompts with one of my English Composition classes (community college level) to do the same for them.
  • Thank you for hosting NaJoWriMo. I enjoyed participating. I discovered NaJoWriMo in October 2015, but had missed most of the month, so decided to do a year of NaJoWriMo for 2016. See you in April P.S. Pleasantly surprised to see you on Twitter.
  • Loved the prompts and general theme. Liked making the lists too. Looking forward to the next time!!
  • Although I didn’t journal every day it did prompt me to journal more. I also saved all of the emails and so when I need a prompt I can go back to them and look for inspiration.

journal writing

  • I find NaJoWriMo questions very interesting and insightful and always look forward to the next round.
  • I combined something like morning pages with your prompts, especially when I felt like I didn’t know what to write about.
  • At first I responded to prompts in Scrivener, but then I felt I feel more comfortable writing in my usual journal (morning pages note I skipped a lot of the days’ prompts because the topics didn’t really inspire me much this time. They kind of seemed like the same ones you always see. The ones I used most were ones more related to creativity and what inspires me. Overall I liked it.
  • Not sure how to respond to the 4th question–I used all the prompts plus writing on my own topics. Some of this month’s prompts took more soul-searching than others especially #17 on life lessons. Enjoyed all & look forward to the next NaJoWriMo!
  • I learned of the prompts and your site late in the month, but I still wanted to participate. I enjoyed not just the prompts but also the advice. Thank you so much for putting this together.
  • I found it very helpful to get back on track with my writing.
  • I started off using the prompts but after awhile I felt like it was “same ol’, same ol’.” That may just be because I’ve been really into personal development stuff the past several years though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks for doing it!
  • I used to keep a journal when I was younger and it helped me reconnect with what’s important.
  • I liked a lot of the prompts and would try it again.
  • I’m new to journal writing and loved all the prompts. They challenged me and I feel great that I kept up and want to keep going with a daily ritual of journaling. Thank you!
  • I spent most of this month settling on what software to use. Penzu
  • loved having the daily emails to look forward to! I am also using prompts from Life Captured. Basically, I wanted to be sure I have topics to write about each day. I also have an accountability group for journaling.
  • I enjoyed this and would love to see this on a regular monthly basis.
  • Enjoyed the challenge. Used 95% of the prompts but needed to expand beyond lists because of what was happening in my life. Discovered DayOne. Love it. Would love vehicle other than Twitter to communicate with others. More feedback space. Thank you.

Thank You

I want to thank everyone who responded to the survey and took the time to give written feedback. It really helps to know when the work for a project like this is benefiting other people.

All the responses gave me a better idea of who is participating in NaJoWriMo challenges and how the program is used to help people with journal writing.

Again, thank you. And please keep your feedback and suggestions coming. I read all the correspondence.

National Journal Writing Month