Dear NaJoWriMo Participant

Awesome! You’re participating in National Journal Writing Month.

During the NaJoWriMo month, I’ll send you a few emails of encouragement to help you complete the month-long challenge.

Most NaJoWriMo participants manage to get off to a good start with journal writing, but the third and forth weeks are often the biggest challenge to finish. So be sure you schedule a time each day to complete your journal writing. You might even consider putting a reminder in your digital calendar if you use one.

If you’re new to journal writing, or have not been journal writing for while, NaJoWriMo is a great opprotunity to build a journal habit. If you’re an avid journal writer, NaJoWriMo is also a great opportunity to journal writing to perhaps focus on a particular theme or topic, or journal write about goal that you’re working toward.

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Also, be sure to share about your participation in NaJoWriMo by using the mac_automation_DUt4uyhashtag: #amjournaling or  #amjournalwriting in your Facebook and Twitter postings.

Feel free to contact me about how the NaJoWriMo challenge is going for you during the month. Your feedback is very important for improving NaJoWriMo and making it a useful challenge for creating a journal writing habit.
If you need it, here’s a NaJoWriMo Preparation Checklist for getting read the next NaJoWriMo. Click on the image and the PDF will open directly in your web browser.


Bakari Chavanu
Creator of NaJoWriMo




National Journal Writing Month