NaJoWriMo Participation Levels

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The following are descriptions of three ways to participate in National Journal Writing Month.

Level 1: Beginner Level: Journaling Challenge

The Beginner Level journaling challenge for NaJoWriMo is a great way to get started journaling. It involves writing a simple diary or journal entry a least once a day for 30 days. The journal entry can be as simple as a one sentence sentence summary of your day. The goal is to start building a journal writing habit.

Level 2: Thematic Levels

This would be a great month for taking a thematic approach to journaling. Here are a few ideas:

• Subscribe to one of the NaJoWriMo email prompt for October, which focuses on the theme of Creativity. Click here to learn more about the journaling prompts.

• Write daily entries about the New Resolutions you have set for yourself. Write about the progress you’re making on those resolutions.

• Keep a gratitude journal with daily entries about thankful for each day.

• Write daily about a goal you’re working to achieve. Write about your daily accomplishments, setbacks and challenges.

• Start a relationship journal about what’s working and not working in your relationship.

• Start a social issues journal. Write about a social, cultural, or political issue that you’re concerned about. Use your entries for possible blog posts or forum comments.

• Start a career journal in which you write about the daily progress and challenges you’re making in your career.

Level 3: Advanced Level: 15,000 Words Challenge

For this level, you not only write daily for the entire month, but you push for to write 15,000 words in one month (500 words per day.) This is a great challenge for building writing fluency and/or deepening your reflective writing. Of course you can increase or lower the number if you like.

Using a digital journaling application or writing notebook that includes a word counter will be useful for monitoring the number of words written. The Mac and iOS application, Day One reports how many words you write for each entry.