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Though our journals are very private spaces where we can be honest and open with ourselves, it’s so inspiring when we can see the journals of others without actually invading their privacy.

Thanks to social sharing sites like Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and other places, we can post photos of our journals and share them with the world.

Because I’m so inspired by the photos I find as I browse the Internet, I thought I’d start a gallery of photos for paper journals.

My goal is to keep adding photos to this page and share them on my other NaJoWriMo social networks—Twitter and Facebook.

Share Your Photo(s) 

  1. The fastest way to share your photo is to share it on my new NaJoWriMo Facebook. Just add the photo using the Comment box near top of the timeline. I will approve the photo and add to the album on that page and the gallery on this page.
  2. You can send me your photo directly, at NaJoWriMo @

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