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Last month, I asked readers of this blog to respond to a survey about journal writing, and 43 people responded. Thank you.

Out of the six questions I asked, I selected the results of two of the questions to report back on—one about the journal writing tool respondents used, and the other about how much experience they had with journal writing.

There’s been an ongoing debate about what journal writing tool—notebook or digital app—one should use for journal writing. The survey shows that many people are using a combination of notebook and digital journaling, which I found a little surprising, and more people seem to be using a  digital app (Day One, Evernote, Penzu, The Journal 6, Journey) more than a paper notebook. Nevertheless, I contend the best journal writing tool to use is the one that fits your needs as a writer.

In terms of writing experience, it was great to see a wide range of experience, from 14% newbies, to 54% of respondents being experienced journal keepers.

Thanks to all for responding. The information I received from the survey will help me build this blog and NaJoWriMo.

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National Journal Writing Month