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What past NaJoWriMo participants have said…

I’ve been journaling and art journaling for over 20 years. I find NaJoWriMo helpful when I’m stumped about what to write, how to dig deeper, how to face issues I may have avoided — helps me to grow. THANK YOU SO MUCH NAJOWRIMO — you’ve helped keep me journaling and attached to what I really love.

Lin Frye

Commit yourself to writing something every day for thirty-day days. It will help you grow as a writer and give you material to work from in the future. Use your creativity to make something wonderful. Get busy, write!

Jo Ann Jordan

@NaJoWriMo, I am on day 10 and going strong towards self renewal! Lots of good thoughts in my journal this month so far. #amjournalwriting

Stephen Van Vugt

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