Heather Rose

I’ve been journaling for a year, fairly consistently and completed NaJoWriMo in July.  I couldn’t wait for October to commence and have already completed 500 words... Read more

Jo Ann J.A. Jordan

Commit yourself to writing something every day for thirty-day days. It will help you grow as a writer and give you material to work from... Read more

NaJoWriMo participant

I like the idea of using NaJoWriMo as a month long exercise to get more in depth on a specific topic, whether it be spiritual... Read more

NaJoWriMo participant

I love NaJoWriMo! I don’t comment here very often and I don’t have a twitter to tweet about it but I absolutely adore the idea... Read more


Hi everyone. My name is Susan. I live in a beautiful, small seaside town called Westgate-on-Sea, Kent UK. I have been writing for around 10... Read more


Without any exaggeration, I’ve been journaling ever since I learned how to write. I wish I had kept all of those journals but I still... Read more


NaJoWriMo–what an excellent idea! Thanks, Bakari! Although I’ve journaled off & on for decades, this will be my first guided experience of doing it with... Read more

Priya Bhowal

It feels great to join NaJoWriMo. It’s the first time I’m journaling. But the theme [Creativity for Personal Growth] is making me realise that I’m... Read more