IMG_1038If you’re a dedicated journal writer, you owe to yourself to subscribe to my friend Nathan Ohren’s JournalTalk podcast. His show is about “Journaling for Passion, Clarity, and Purpose.”

A journal writer for over 27 years, Nathan is a passionate, hardworking journal writing advocate, coach, writer, and podcaster.

Episodes of his recent podcasts include journaling for mindfulness, how many words make a decent journal entry, and journaling to de-clutter (an interview with certified journal therapist, Corolyn Koehnline). His current episode, The One Thing About Journaling: Getting Real, is an interview with Dr. Susan Campbell, author of the forthcoming book, Getting Real. Their discussion delves into the importance of getting honest and open in your journal writing—a topic I’ve also written about for NaJoWriMo.

He and journal writing coach and author, Mari L. McCarthy, have done several podcast episodes that answer questions from journal writers, such as how to archive handwritten journals, how to keep a diary private, and how to get a teenager interested in journaling.

Nathan also conducts online and offline workshops, coaching sessions, and journaling courses for building a journaling habit, dream journaling, and Journaling for Passion, Clarity and Purpose.

And for full disclosure, Nathan wrote the forward to my book, Starting From Day One: Using the Day One Journaling App to Record and Enrich Your Life.

I was also fortunate to work with Nathan in organizing the 30-Day Digital Writing Challenge, held last November. The month-long challenge introduced many journal writers to the tools of digital journal writing, and it featured prompts from leading journal writing coaches.

Again, you owe to yourself to subscribe to Write4Life. It will inspire you to maintain a journal writing habit, and will answer many of your questions about the purpose of journal writing for various purposes.

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