Though you are committed to journal writing on a regular basis, there will be many days you feel guilty about not writing in your journal. The stress and work of other responsibilities don’t always allow us the time to write or read as much we would like.

But don’t regret, here are 10 journal entry ideas that don’t require writing. Note: some of the “copy and paste” ideas are more practical for digital journal keepers, but they can apply to pen and paper journal keepers, who don’t mind copying by hand or pasting with some glue.

1.Copy and paste favorite quotes in your journal.

2.Copy and paste email messages you will want to read back on years from now.

3.Copy and paste headlines of news items you will want to remember years from now.

4.Clip and favorite images you see in a magazines or online.

5.Copy and paste favorite and important tweets and other social network posts you want to remember years from now.

6.If you keep a paper journal, buy some rubber stamps that reflect how you feel on a particular day.

7.Doodle and draw something that’s going on in your life.


8.Paste or scan business cards, greet cards, movie ticks, postage stamps, travel tickets in your journal.

Brazil Customs Diamonds Form Rectangle Border Shape Rubber Stamp

9.Take photographs and add them to our journal.

10.Copy and paste cartoons or funny memes posted on the internet.

I hope you find these ideas useful. Please share other ideas for how you keep up with journal writing when you don’t feel like writing.

National Journal Writing Month