Writer and executive coach Jackee Holder has put pen to page to show how anyone can improve their confidence and well-being. With the rise of the digital age, writing as a form of inquiry and reflection is fast becoming a forgotten art.

The information and exercises within 49 Ways to Write Yourself Well (Free Download) will help readers to build and maintain a regular writing practice for enhancing well-being, as well as set up and maintain a journal. Included are the many values and benefits of writing uncovered by recent research, and how writing can help to boost mental health and well-being.

This results in a collection of tools and writing techniques which readers can draw on, and most importantly, enjoy a greater sense of self. This book provides all that people need to be transformed by the process of writing.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.48.05 AMContent includes learning how to use writing to:

49 WAYS TO WRITE YOURSELF WELL: The science and wisdom of writing and journaling

Well-being Series

  • identify and control emotions
  • release emotional and mental blocks
  • apply therapeutic approaches to manage difficult feelings and emotions
  • practise coaching models on the page to gain new perspectives and solutions to work or personal challenges
  • reframe relationships with oneself and others.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.51.11 AMAbout the Author

    Jackee Holder MA, BA is an Executive Leadership coach, coach trainer and creative writing tutor. Her creative and intuitive approach brings learning alive, offering skilful facilitation and embodiment of coaching and writing in real and practical ways.

    As an ordained Interfaith Minister and spiritual counsellor, Jackee’s work draws on her personal experience and difficulties she has faced and overcome which in her view, has given her the capacity to bring compassion, empathy and understanding to her work with others. She works nationally and internationally with groups and individuals and has helped thousands of people to enrich and transform their lives, and achieve extraordinary results.

    Jackee is the author of Soul Purpose and Be Your Best Life Coach and has been a contributing writer to several books and articles. Her work has been featured in Psychologies and Red magazines.

    Jackee’s skill as a conference host and facilitator has taken her across the globe. She runs accredited coach training and works as an Associate Coach and trainer for a number of organisations in the UK. Jackee is the recipient of an Award for Empowerment and Inspiration and was voted as one of the Top Ten best trainers by the Arts Marketing Association.

    The new ’49 Ways to Well-being’ series offers a unique series of full-colour, practical guides for restoring, protecting and improving well-being. Each book has been carefully developed for use by individuals who want to improve their well-being, as well as a wide range of therapists, clinicians and others in the health and well-being field in supporting their clients and patients.