At the close of NaJoWriMo October, journal writer, Polly Anna Watson graciously shared with me her response to the final journaling prompt for that month. (The theme for October was Exploring Creativity.)

I truly appreciate her feedback and the feedback from other NaJoWriMo participants. This feedback inspires me to maintain and build NaJoWriMo so that it continues to help participants to tap into the power of journal writing for personal growth.

Thank you, Polly for sharing this journal entry.

Dear Precious Journal,

I have enjoyed this past month with you so very much. While I don’t typically need journal prompts in order to write in my journal, I have enjoyed almost all of the prompts for October 2015. I especially have enjoyed the fact that some friends and students have been participating this month as well! A few of them have shared their journal entries with me, but obviously journals are meant to be personal and not everyone feels comfortable sharing their journals—as it should be. I just tend to be someone who is willing to share it ALL for some reason without fear! I just like to. That’s the way it is—for me.

I wish every month was National Journal Writing Month. It should just be National Journal Writing Year! LOL! Regardless of whether or not we’re “celebrating” National Journal Writing month, I plan to continue writing in my journal every single day.

One thing I discovered this month while writing my journal entries using Microsoft Word has been that instead of just including a picture as part of my journal entries, I can actually use a picture as the background—a watermark—for my whole page for my journal entry! I wish I could do that with my digital journal, Penzu. The one negative about doing it that way is that if I want a separate watermark for each entry, I have to leave each entry as its own Word document rather than putting them all together as one month-long document. But that’s ok.

Up until this past week, I even printed out my daily journal entries and glued them into my printed journal! The only reason I quit doing that is because I finished that journal! My new one isn’t designed to be able to do that as nicely as the previous one. At least I can still print them all out and put them in a book if I still want to do that with all of them into one.

Because of my background studying the works of Julia Cameron, I’ve been learning more and more every year that I am a very creative being. I’ve never really thought of myself as such because my scrapbooks aren’t as creative as some of the ones by my scrapbooking friends, I can’t create anything like wreaths or such like, I hate decorating—yes, even for Christmas—even though I love all the decorations, and I simply don’t make visually creative STUFF.

But the reality is that because of my love of writing and the fact that it brings me joy, plain and simply, makes me Creative. [Emphasis added.] It doesn’t matter if I prefer to write nonfiction rather than fiction. The important thing is that I love to write. I have fun writing and I honestly do feel creative when I write.

–Polly Anna Watson
English Instructor, Pastor’s Wife, Mom, Friend, etc., etc., etc.
“God has anointed you, pouring out the oil of joy on you more than anyone else.”  Psalm 45:7 (NLT)

About the Author:
PortraitsPolly Anna Watson is the wife a pastor, and they have been married for  22 years! She has a 14-year-old son who is the light of their eyes. She has been a community college English instructor since the Fall of 2000. Polly has been diary writing and journaling since her childhood, and in the last two years she has been writing in her journal on a daily basis. She has also participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) every year since 2004, and she has been a winner for NaNoWriMo for the last three years.

Note from Bakari

I want to highlight Polly’s entry where she says, “But the reality is that because of my love of writing and the fact that it brings me joy, plain and simply, makes me Creative.

One of the main purposes of the creativity theme for NaJoWriMo October was to explore creativity and realize that we all have creativity abilities, but that we often don’t realize or tap into forms of creative expression enough. You don’t have to celebrated artist or musician to be creative. Preparing a meal, organizing your office or bedroom, writing in your journal, planning a dinner party, playing a sport, taking photos, etc., are also forms of creative expression.

Polly indeed taps into her creative expression by using journal writing.

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The next NaJoWriMo begins January 1st, and its theme will be about setting goals and resolutions for the new year. I hope you can join us.

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