If you’re new to Day One, you might not know that you can email journal entries via your Day One account using a service called, IFTTT (IfThenThenThat.)

The ability to email journal entries to your Day One is particularly useful for when you receive NaJoWriMo journal prompts in your mail. It means you can select the prompt in the email, hit reply to the message, and then respond to the prompt, sending it to the IFTTT recipe address, which forwards it to your Day One account. This article explains how to set up the Day One and IFTTT connection.

Day One Account

Before you set up the IFTTT recipe, you need to have a Day One account set up. If you haven’t created an account, open your Day One app, and then open the Settings. From there, set up your account inside the Sync.

IFTTT Recipe

Now link to the IFTTT Mail > Day One recipe on IFTTT.com.  From there, you will need to register an IFTTT account, and then connect your email address and your Day One account.

Day One and IFTTT

Follow the steps on IFTTT.

Connect the Email Channel - IFTTT Safari, Today at 12.45.32 PM

Note, if you have more than one journal in your Day One application, you can select the journal you want your entries sent to in your Day One account.

You can also delete and change the default tags in the Tags field in the IFTTT recipe.



Replying to Prompts

Now when you receive NaJoWriMo prompts in your mail, simply select the prompt and hit Reply. Your selection will be pasted in the reply email.


Write your response to the prompt, and then change the NaJoWriMo recipient address to the IFTTT recipe address (trigger@recipe.ifttt.com). Emailed entries will appear in your Day One app the next time it syncs to your Day One account.

I suggest adding the address in your Contacts under your name so that you can always have access to it on your Mac and iOS devices.

That’s it. You’re set up and ready to go.

Often times I find it easier while I’m already responding to emails to write and email a journal entry in the morning before I get started working.

The Day One IFTTT email recipe is one of over a dozen recipes created by Paul Mayne, the developer of Day One. You can even create a journal via text message. How cool is that?

Your Feedback

Let me know if you have any questions about using the IFTTT recipe for replying to email prompts. If the recipe for some reason doesn’t work for you, contact Day One via your app. They are really great responding back.


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