Starting with NaJoWriMo for October 16, I’m promoting the use of the Twitter hashtag, #amjournalwriting.

By using this hashtag, you can communicate your daily journal writing habit to follow journal keepers, and encourage your Twitter contacts to start keeping  journal.

How It Works

If you never used an hashtag on Twitter, it’s really easy. Just add the hashtag to the end of your tweet, or any part of your tweet where it seems appropriate.

Here’s example of a tweet I recently wrote using the hashtag:

#amjournalwriting hashtag tweet

Next, you can view the tweets that use the hashtag by doing a search on Twitter, or you can link to and bookmark this page to see all the tweets.

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Click to Tweet

You may be wondering what can you say in a tweet about journal writing. Well, the following a list of 15 tweets that you can choose from, or to give you some ideas.

You can modify any of the tweets you click to use. The tweet should open up in Twitter where you can add it to your Twitter stream.

[Tweet “I need to get some thoughts and ideas out on paper. #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “Just finished writing a juicy secret journal entry. Mmmmm #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “Seriously, my journal just talked back to me as I was writing. #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “I just completed the first day of NaJoWriMo. #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “Don’t bother me, #amjournalwriting.”]

[Tweet “Starting a new journal for NaJoWriMo. #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “I need to get some thoughts off my chest. #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “I just wrote a journal entry that NO ONE should ever read. Seriously. #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “Just completed a journal writing assignment. Now I’m going to write for myself. #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “Just completed journal writing about my current goals. #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “Drinking a glass of wine, kicking back, and writing in my journal. #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “Just got inspired to do some serious journal writing. #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “Just finished journal writing. I feel so much better. #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “Just started writing in a new journal. #amjournalwriting”]

[Tweet “For me, journal writing relieves stress and helps me figure things out. #amjournalwriting”]

See You On Twitter

I hope the #amjournalwriting hashtag is good idea, and that it encourages us to keep up with our journal writing, as well as encourage others to discover the power of journal writing for personal growth.

If you think the hashtag is a useful idea, please use it as often as possible. It may take a while to catch on, but the more it’s used, the more others will start using it.



National Journal Writing Month