If you keep a paper journal, you might find that a bookmark can be a useful tool for not only bookmarking pages, but also as a source of inspiration for journal writing. To this end, I designed four bookmarks that I have made available for personal download.

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I’m not a professional designer, but I do like to dabble in graphic design as a hobby, and the online design website, Canva, makes design manageable enough for me to create and share designs, such as the bookmarks I want to share with you.

 Four Bookmarks

I uploaded each book in PDF format so they can be individually printed on heavy card stock. The first four bookmarks include:

  1. Journal Starters: this bookmark starts off with a quote by Christina Baldwin about journaling, followed by a list of 7 journal starters.
  2. 7 Principals of Journal Writing: in this bookmark, I explain my seven principals powerful journal writing.
  3. A quote by author and writing instructor, Natalie Goldberg
  4. 7-Day Journal Writing Challenge: this bookmark is for encouraging you to journal write for seven days straight.

 How to Download

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Note: after you download and open a bookmark in your web browser, it may look very big, but it’s actual printing size 2”x6”. 

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