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Creating and achieving goals for the new year. Take the 31-day Challenge

Journaling for personal growth is a great way to get more in touch with yourself. It can help you identify meaningful goals and create a path to help you achieve them. 

The book includes inspirational quotes and tips for building and maintaining a journal writing habit.   

The 31 original prompts focus on topics such as:

  • Taking time for yourself 
  • Learning what you like about yourself 
  • Life regrets 
  • Your goals for the next five years 
  • Specific habits you’d like to create 
  • Things you’re grateful for 
  • How you’d like to contribute to the world 

The questions get you started, but you should use them to write in any way that feels right for you. 

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Amazon publishes all Lifetime Press and NaJoWriMo books. The printed books have durable binding, and pen ink does not bleed through the pages.
Journaling prompts appear on the right-side pages for easier viewing and writing. A second blank lined page follows each prompt for additional writing.

National Journal Writing Month