My Journal of Lists

My Journal Lists: 40 List Prompts for Lifetime Long Keeping

My Journal of Lists comprises 40 list prompts you can add to over your life. List prompts include:

  • Favorite books movies
  • Personal achievements
  • Cities you’ve visited
  • Favorite fictional character
  • A 5-year bucket list.

The book also includes 40 additional blank-lined pages for other list ideas, notes, and reflections.

Making personal lists is a great to reflect on your life and what you value most.

This journal you will revisit throughout your life as it becomes a memorable collection of your experiences. 

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Amazon publishes all Lifetime Press and NaJoWriMo books. The printed books have durable binding, and pen ink does not bleed through the pages.
Journaling prompts appear on the right-side pages for easier viewing and writing. A second blank lined page follows each prompt for additional writing.

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