In the recent update of Day One, not only does it include a new option for storing your journal library, but the Mac version of Day One now also includes support for the share extension in Yosemite.

If you’re not familiar with the share extensions, it’s a feature for sharing information from supporting Apple and third-party applications. For instance, if you come across an article in Safari you want to share to Twitter or Facebook, you don’t have navigate to those sites to share that article, you can simply click the share button in the menu of Safari, and the extension will typically paste the title and URL of the article you want to share.

In the same way, you can share data to you Day One journal in the background. So say I come across an article I want to write about in a Day One journal, I can click on the share button in the Safari menu bar, and the data will be pasted into a new entry. From there I can write my journal entry.

Day One_share_extension

The extension sends the journal entry in the background without opening Day One. It’s similar to posting an entry using the mini Day One window in your Mac menu bar.


Photos App Sharing

The other useful application for using the Day One extension is in Apple’s new Photos application. You can select a photo and paste it, along with your text, to your Day One journal without having to open the application, just as can be done in the iOS versions of Day One.



Enable Day One Extension

If the Day One share extension is not enabled by default, you can enable it by opening System Preferences > Extensions. After enabling the extension, you can click and move it up or down the list of your extensions.

More to Come

Bloom, the developers of Day One, are working on many more new features for their application, so we digital journal users are in for a treat.

Let me know what you think of Day One and how you’re using it for your journal writing.

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