Not everyone recognizes it, but each of us has a creative side that we  may not tap into as much as we should. The subtle power of journal writing can help us explore our views and experiences about creativity, and set on us on a path to personal development and enrichment in this area.

That is why the thematic e-course, Exploring Your Creative Self Through Journal Writing consists of 30 days of journal writing prompts emailed to your inbox. The collection of prompts is based on the October 2015 National Journal Writing Month.

You can preview the first five prompts for this theme in the blog section of this website.

Why Thematic Journaling

In nutshell, thematic journaling allows you to take a deep dive into a subject for an extended period of time. By the end of the 30 days, you will have built thoughts and insights about your experiences with creativity, and set goals for creative projects and activities—both big and small. Read here to learn more about the benefits of thematic journaling.

Benefits of Emailed Prompts

Whether you use paper and pen or a digital app for journal writing, receiving journal writing prompts in your daily email is a practical way of making and achieving a commitment to regular or daily journal writing.

You no doubt check your email on a daily basis, thus the journaling prompts emailed to you serve a reminder to journal write, and the emails make the prompts more accessible to you than looking them up in a book or website. You can set up a special folder in your mail client to filter and archive the journaling prompts as they arrive.


Committing to completing 30 days of journal writing will help you develop a journal writing habit, while you also focus on a topic that is personally enriching. And though you receive emails on a daily basis, you can still take the course at your own pace, because your prompts will be there for you when you the time and are ready to write.

Here’s what one NaJoWriMo participant said about the creativity prompts:


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Journaling Writing Tips

Each of daily prompt emails includes a journal writing or journal keeping tip that will help you get the most out of journal writing, and help you maintain a regular habit of  journaling.

I’ve been journaling on and off for nearly thirty years, and I can say that it has been a key to my personal development and to achieving my goals. Journal writing is essentially about mindfulness. Your writing is a private place to connect with yourself without the judgments and criticism of others. The more honest you are with yourself when doing journal writing, the more you gain insight about yourself and grow as a person.

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While National Journal Writing Month is held four times year for free, this course allows you to receiving prompts any day you’re ready to get started. You don’t have to wait until the beginning of NaJoWriMo months. Your first prompt will arrive in your inbox within 24 hours of purchasing the course.

I invite you to preview the first five writing prompts for this course, and if you find them useful, then purchase the this 30-day e-course to get started.

I welcome your feedback to course, and any suggestions for helping you get more out journal writing.



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